Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule, ENG 1101 CO

New York City College of Technology, CUNY

Professor Lisa Wu     lwu@citytech.cuny.edu

Fall 2021


If we were meeting in person, we would meet for 2.5 hours per week, and then you would devote at least that same amount of time outside of class. That gives you an idea of the time commitment for English 1101; every week, you will need to dedicate focused, quiet time to reading, annotating texts, posting on the Discussion Forums, and drafting formal assignments.


Our class is “synchronous,” which means that we do have a scheduled meeting time (from the Greek Syn=together and Kronos=time). We will meet together at the beginning of the period at 2:30 – pls come 15 minutes early if you can at 2:15.  This way we can ensure that we start on time!  Each week I will also hold office hours right after class OR if we end early, I will have office hours during the remaining class time.  During our class time we will discuss the class readings and assignments and do writing in workshop mode. We will also be on our OpenLab site, reading and responding to texts and each other’s HW posts. You will submit your formal writing assignments to me on the Blackboard site.


Weekly schedule: class meeting Monday and Wednesday 2:30 to 5:00 pm.


Schedule  (This is tentative.  We will likely adjust as we go along.)




W 8/25


Orientation and Introduction:  Our Open Lab Site

Introductions to Professor and Course; Complete technology survey

Open Lab registration and join as a member to our Open Lab course site

Review “Course Policies and Information,” focus on participation, attendance, and Ground Rules

Introductions in small groups

“(Un) LEARNING My Name” by Mohamed Hassan on YouTube  https://www.mohamed-hamad.com/mohamed-hassan-unlearning-my-name-spoken-word/

Teacher Vuong on student names

Read Caroline Hellman, “In Defense of the Classroom” (2020)

  • Read and Print Out and Annotate.
  • Prepare in your real physical notebook:  What are some of the main ideas (MI) in Prof. Hellman’s article? How do we build community as an online class?
  • In your real physical notebook.  Start Vocab List — Look up unfamiliar words!

Start HW Open Lab Post #1 Introduction in class.

Create a class WhatsApp or Instagram — all students to join.

DUE Friday 8/27: Complete Open Lab HW Post #1 (Introductions)

Two full paragraphs introducing yourself; one paragraph each responding to two classmates’ introduction posts




M 8/30

W 9/1














M 9/6

W 9/8


Unit One: Educational Narratives and Resilience

Read Frederick Douglass’s “Learning to Read” as an example of resilience. Find in our Open Lab site under Readings

MalcX Ch11 Saved beginning paragraphs

·         Printout, Read, and Annotate in physical notebook.  Vocab Work:  Look up unfamiliar words.


Register for your free CUNY New York Times account



DUE Wednesday 9/1 by 12 noon Complete Open Lab HW Post #2 (F. Douglass Study Questions)


Due Wednesday 9/8 by 12 noon:  Complete Open Lab HW Post #3 (choice : Pandemic Resilience OR Online Learning) Two full paragraphs.  Respond to two other students’ posts, one paragraph each.





NO CLASS:  Monday, Sept. 6 (Labor Day) and Wed. Sept. 8 (Rosh Hashana) 

DUE Friday 9/10 Open Lab HW Post #4 for Malcolm X “Prison Studies: or Saved”

  • I. Picture of annotated page
  • II. Significant quote explanation

Look ahead — Get a jumpstart on the readings for next week!






M 9/13 only








Read Malcolm X, “Prison Studies: or Saved” (Chapter 11 of Autobiography of Malcolm X). Find in Open Lab course site under Readings

Read  Malcolm X Chapter 11 “Saved” beginning paragraphs

Read Malcolm X, Laurence Fishbourne and the Theater of Your Mind (NYT interview)

Read NYT article with tennis champion’s mentor quote

·         Reading strategies: annotating (continued); summarizing and responding; identifying structural elements of writing and different genres

·         WORKSHEET: How to Write a Summary.  Find in Open Lab site under Grammar Writing Skills Resources


Due Wed. 9/15 by 12 noon:  Complete Open Lab HW Post #5 (Writing Task Mentor Quote). Wait until after 9/13 class as we will discuss this assignment)




M 9/20

W 9/22




Introduce Unit One Major Assignment, Educational Narrative


Read aloud José Olivarez, “Maybe I Could Save Myself by Writing” and “Mexican American Disambiguation” (2018)  Find in Open Lab course site under Readings


Watch Oliveraz video 1 and video 2 

·         Notice repetition, rhythm, delivery.

·         What does he mean when he uses the words “diverse” “Mexican” “American” “college brochure”?

Due Wed. 9/22:  Complete Open Lab HW Post #6:  Between Two Worlds).




M 9/27

W 9/29


In your notebook:

·         Consider (1) the term “mother tongue” (2) the different Englishes Amy Tan speaks (3) how her mother is viewed by Americans based on her spoken English.

·        Listen to audiobook narrator Nancy Wu (very famous person I am related to!)

We will apply Writing Strategies to our reading of Tan’s work.

2. Read:  Esmeralda Santiago: “When I was Puerto Rican.”  Find in Open Lab course site under Readings (starts on page 101)

·         In your notebook:  Block off every time Santiago uses dialogue.    Choose one major dialogue and read out loud with a partner.  Take notes on why you think it works well (or not).

View the TED Lesson on Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell:  Note the JOURNEY, the HERO, the QUEST.  Take you ready on your Educational Journey.  You are the Hero!  Show me your adventure!


DUE Friday 10/1 6pm:  Unit One Rough Draft Due (in Google drive folder for Unit One)

Review how to turn OLab post with comments into Rough Draft

Study the Development Writing Strategies handout

Discuss sample rough drafts, development strategies, focusing on developing scenes and using dialogue, including “home” languages



M 10/4

w 10/6

Peer Review Ed Narrative

Review Sample Essay

Peer Review in Groups

What is the difference between Revision vs Proofreading?  We are working on a TRUE REVISION.



W 8/13 only


Unit One Project:  Final Draft DUE



Library Class with Prof Berger — Start Unit TWO

Continue —-


M 10/18


 W 10/20


Obama, Dreams from My Father Chapter Four. Obama, Chapter Four


UNIT TWO PROJECT:  Research Q on Co-vid

Creating a proposal paragraph


M 10/18


W 10/20

Obama, Dreams from My Father Chapter Four. Obama, Chapter Four.  Find in Open Lab course site under Readings.  RLW Look at scene development, dialogue, scene building timeline.

UNIT TWO PROJECT:  Research Q on Co-vid

Creating a proposal paragraph




M 10/25

 W 10/27


RAB Step One:  Writing The Proposal Paragraph.  Use the Template/Paragraph Starter.  Google Search NYT articles.  Refine Research Question.

DUE RAB PROPOSAL 10/27 (extended to Friday 10/29) and 3 possible sources.  Choose one and printout/read/annotate bring to class to work on Step Two




M 11 / 1






W 11 / 3




Demonstrate Citation and Summary writing for Andrew Yang op-ed Washington Post:  We Are Not The Virus.


RAB Step Two:  

·         Part 1 MLA CITATION

·         Part 2 SUMMARY

DUE RAB Source Entry (MLA Citation and SUMM) Wednesday 11/2 noon.


RAB Step Three: 


·         Part 4 NOTABLE QUOTABLES

DUE RAB Source Entry#1 (complete) Saturday 12noon 11/6: 


 Week 11


M 11/8


W 11/10




Share multi-media Sources: video, podcast, op-doc, TEDtalk, video news clip.  Prof. Wu to share examples of multimedia sources from her own research project.

DUE RAB Source Entry #2 (multimedia genre) Parts 1 and 2 due Wednesday 11/10


DUE RAB Source Entry #2 (complete) Due Friday 11/12 at 12noon.

Find your interviewee for RAB Source Entry #3 Personal Interview.

Prepare for the interview with talking points and questions.


Week 12

M 11/1

W 11/17







Look at student examples on Open Lab of Interview.

Due Wednesday RAB Source Entry 3 Personal Interview

Due Friday THE CONCLUSION for the entire RAB.


Your RAB is done!


DUE UNIT TWO RAB — Post to BB and Google Drive by 11/20 Saturday 12 noon



Week 13


M 11/22



W 11/24







Introduce Unit 3 Assignment:  Genre Project


Study and explore the Unit 3 Assignment


Analyze Mentor Texts


HW1 Due Wednesday 11/24 Podcast Analysis

HW2 Due Saturday 11/27 Project Proposal

HW3 Due Monday 11/29 12noon Photo Essay Analysis — Assign Love and Black Lives