Draft for Letter-Amadou D

Amadou Diallo

ENG 1101CO LC44

Draft for Letter

Dear NBA Fan Group,

          Be patient about the NBA getting back to normal. It will gradually get better as time goes on to normal, or as close to normal as possible. Being a NBA fan myself I can say that I was very disappointed and saddened when the NBA season was suspended due to the covid virus outbreak. Not only is the NBA a source of entertainment for fans, but It’s also a sport that requires their fans for the NBA to peak. When the NBA season was suspended I had no idea when It would be back because this was the first time something like this happened. I was bummed for a while because the NBA gave me a source of entertainment for 3 hours a day several days in a week and caused a lot of competitive arguments with my friends and I. I have friends who always looked to go to NBA games because of the excitement of watching elite players and cheering or booing alongside other fans in the arena. I got friends who bet on NBA games on the regular through Fanduel as well who were upset after the suspension. 

In 2020 March 11th due to the pandemic the NBA was suspended for several months but eventually came back to be played in the bubble in Disney World, where fans were not allowed. This was the first time we would watch the NBA without any fans in attendance and the energy they brought with them. This wasn’t the NBA we fell in love with, but a new NBA we could and will not accept. The truth is the fans of the NBA are the most important people when talking about what makes the NBA. Not many people realize this, but because of the absence of fans many people lost their jobs. According to a concession stand worker Leila Williams “Thousands of people across the U.S. are jobless including myself,”.

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020 to now in 2021 the NBA has progressed a great amount since then. The NBA is allowing fans back in the arenas and everybody involved in the sport is a lot more happy. This is due to the covid vaccines and the responsible actions the NBA and the people of the U.S. have taken. Before the start of this season Commissioner of the NBA, Adam Silver said “if vaccines continue on the pace they are and they continue to be as effective as they have been against the virus and its variants, we’re hopeful that we’ll have relatively full arenas next season as well”. Just like he said since the start of the recent season all the NBA games have involved many fans, almost full arenas. The energy that was once lost is back again and putting smiles on our faces. But the NBA isn’t back to normal just yet, because the covid virus is still a scary fact. With that being said the NBA keep taking bigger steps as time goes on and I have no doubt the NBA and my fellow fans will be able to make the NBA closer to normal in the near future.

Sincerely, Amadou the NBA fan

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  1. Title for your letter?

    Need to address a REAL organization or group — choose an organiztion or club on campus OR if you choose another organization or group (you must prove to me that this is a group that really exists).

    Needs a better close. You need a stronger call to action or solution or SOMETHING that makes a more definite purpose in your closing paragraph.

    WHERE IS THE VISUAL element and caption — you are required to provide a visual — look at the assignment!

    Where is reference to your research? You need to incorporate some of what you leanred in the RAB into this letter. I don’t see any evidence of that.


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