Mentor Text Analysis–Chris

The article I read was “30 Photo Essays To Get Inspired” by Fix the photo. The hook they used was the ability to express their point of view through photos. The research that fix the photo uses an unconventional way of research because they use multiple different sources of photos to convey their messages. The photos that they used as examples were able to convey what they were saying without needing to use words. The article expresses that you don’t always need to have worlds with pictures to explain what is going on, but you can have a greater storytelling experience when you mix both. The audience here is people who don’t want to read but also see what is happening while reading. The message here is that there is more than one way to express the subject that you want to show people and that there is a better way than just writing what you want. I’ll probably avoid the feelings and emotions angle because it does not fit the genre that I have and how it is not compatible with the computer part shorting.

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