Genre Project Progress Report – Chris

I have completed a rough outline of my digital poster with the pictures and rough paragraphs/ bullet points that go with each image. With Canva, I will be working on the final parts to make it clean and understandable so people can look at it and understand what is happening. I Plan to be finished by at least the 19th or the 20th. I do not want to rush, and I want to do my best to make it as good as possible, especially with my grammar and how I put it all together.

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  1. Dear Chris:

    I didn’t see your OUtline HW 4, so I am not clear how you are organizing, structuring your project.

    Did you turn in the Proposal HW 2? In looking back, I see you did not! SO I DO NOT KNOW WHAT GENRE YOU ARE CREATING.

    You need to make that clear and tell me.

    Also confusing for me is that you analyzed as your mentor text a photo essay. 1. So are you creating a photo essay? 2. In that mentor text analysis HW 3, you should have gone into/clicked on ONE OF THE 30 PHOTO ESSAYS linked inside that article. Then you should have focused on one of those photo essays to analyze. What you wrote as a Mentor Text analysis doesnt make sense! And I dont’ think you got much help by what you analyzed.

    I need to know what you are creating for your Project? A photo essay? A poster — what kind of poster? A feature article with poster?

    One problem is that you have fallen behind in the Unit 3 HWs. Please pull yourself out of the quicksand.

    Have you worked with the tutors?

    Prof. Wu

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