Contact Information

Professor Lisa Wu 

Course ENG 1101 OL10

  • email:  lwu@citytech.cuny.edu
  • office hours Monday and Wednesday the noon hour 11:45 – 12:45, and by appointment
  • class times Monday and Wednesday 10:00 – 11:40 AM

Our Zoom Link for Class Meetings


Meeting ID: 852 9855 4947

Passcode: 142876

Our Blackboard Site where you will submit Major Unit Assignments (on Content page)


To get your City Tech email account up and running, pls go to:  https://cis.citytech.cuny.edu/Student/it_student_findemail.aspx

Whatsapp Group for our class:  https://chat.whatsapp.com/B8AScmGk3ME5gYV2DV7OMZ

Course Description

English 1101 is a writing- intensive course designed to strengthen your composition skills. Writing a variety of essays, in addition to a research paper, will help you develop skills such as building an argument, adopting your writing for different needs and situations, interpreting and responding to a text, incorporating secondary source material effectively, and mastering the mechanics of quoting, citing, and documenting sources. Together we will read poems, short stories, essays, and newspaper articles.  We will be reading pieces both for their inherent value and also as models of composition that you may employ in your writing assignments. Reflecting on your own experiences alongside these texts will ensure active discussion regarding communities, public space, urban art forms, education, class, race, gender, crime, gentrification, and other topics of debate.

We will dedicate time to strengthening reading and writing. We will focus on establishing vocabulary and critical reading skills, scaffolded approaches to writing assignments, correct grammar and punctuation, and positive habits for collegiate success, including annotation, note taking, and study skills.

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Student Technology Survey

Student Tech and Working Space Survey:  Please send me an email (lwu@citytech.cuny.edu) with your answers to these questions.

Please tell me about the technology and working space that you have available to complete your coursework.  Feel free to share any additional information in the last question box. All responses are private.

Student Survey

    • 5. Do you have an appropriate space to do your coursework at your home or another off-campus location?
    1. Do you have access to the following browsers:  Firefox or Chrome?  If no, what browser do you use?
    1. Are you able to attend our synchronous class every Monday and Wednesday for the full duration of the class, from 10-11:40AM?
    1. Do you have access to a printer at home or elsewhere (at an outside site like Staples)?
    1. Is there anything else you want to tell me about your situation regarding coursework, workspace, or Internet access?  (optional)


  • Credits: This survey is based on a survey created by Maura Smale and Mariana Regalado.