Genre Project Progress Report- Devin

  • My project has been going pretty well. So far I’ve completed 10 pages for my rough draft. Mainly just getting the ideas out so I can just make the illustrations better and not have to worry about the dialogue. I still have to finish the last couple pages and do a final draft for the project. There’s hasn’t really been any obstacles other than figuring out what I want each panel to be which one of the tutors helped me do. Tomorrow I shall be done with the draft and starting on the final. Making some minor edits. I’m feeling pretty good about it so far. One of the tutors actually sent me a link from fellow college students that publish other students work. Maybe I’ll go there. Who knows.

1 thought on “Genre Project Progress Report- Devin”

  1. Just make sure that your comic story line/plot/events/characters are inspired by the knowledge you got in your RAB. Got it?

    Are you doing this the good old fashioned way — drawings by hand and then putting comment bubbles or captions….OR are you using a program like Canva or one of the others that help make comics? Just wondering. Either way is fine, but I would have liked to have heard about this in your progress report here.

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