Genre Project Progress Report –Rehana Parvin

Good thing I revised and finished my mentor text analysis. I still have to work on my RAB and essay for unit #1. I just started using canva and I found some really good letter formats that will look great for my letter. For my obstacle, I’m still having trouble working on my essay for unit #1. I need to get all my portfolio work done this week if possible. I plan to visit the tutor again to revise my work. Right now my project is good because it’s much easier for me to do. I would probably be interested in publishing my project on the NYT and on Tedtalk.

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  1. Rehana:

    For a letter, it’s the writing and the words that are going to be important. Probably more important than using Canva. I wouldn’t worry about Canva.

    GET YOUR LETTER OUTLINE AND POINTS IN ORDER. Use your RAB work to formulate your points in your Letter. Your Outline for HW 4 should have some of the points your learned in your Research Project. Remember you will use what you learned in the RAB to write your letter. GO back and review your RAB and the most important things you learned. Use that in your letter!

    Did you say what your message is? Who is your audience — who will you write your letter to? What is your purpose in this letter?

    STUDY THE ASSIGNMENT and Look at the Genre Project Page to see example student letters (there are 3 for you to study) — and get to the tutors!

    Prof. Wu

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