Genre Project Progress Report — Jaqueline

I have completed my survey. I’ve collected all the data and started cutting the graphs to add them into my report. I still need to continue the actual writing parts. I want to finish everything by Wednesday evening. I feel comfortable and happy with my project so far. Although it won’t be a super in depth project, I feel like it’ll be something people can learn from and/or relate to.

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  1. ok

    What’s the progress on your learnning how to use Canva? Did you say you would use that to creat e the visuals? Or that you would use pictograph? I can’ t remember but I know there is a program that creates pictographs. LOOK IN GENRE RESOURCES PROJECT page. Do those resources help you?

    Look at the feature with survey mentor texts, the other one which you didn’t analyze — it may give you ideas.

    I hope youare doing ok; I can’t tell by what you write here in this progress report.

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