Genre Project Progress Report – Richard G. Bordes

I’ve finished finalizing my outline and starting the beginning of my letter. I’ve also found a proper image for the message my letter is trying to convey. I still have to finish the rest of the letter while also including my sources. For obstacles, I’m just having trouble balancing my other finals’ work for my other classes, but I’ll manage. I’ll have all my work for the portfolio done before or on the 20th and no later. I plan to visit the tutor on the 19th to do some final corrections. As for how I feel about the project, it’s way simpler than any of the previous projects I’ve done, so that’s something to be grateful for. I’m not sure how to answer that last question.

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  1. Richard:

    You have been doing good work. Not to worry so much. I noted in class that you feel there is not enough time to revise your Ed Narrative. I don’t think there is that much to revise. I hope you might at least look it over and see if you can incorporate any of my feedback. Otherwise, if you can’t then, explain that in the portfolio.

    About the LETTER project. You can use some of the points your wrote about in the Reflection parts of your RAB. There you made some very good points connecting to one of your article sources on how one’s work should not define one’s worth as a human. You are more than what you do for a job. You can take ideas sentences into your Op-Ed; just work them smoothly into the flow of your argument. Remember that an op-ed is trying to make an argument; it is persuasive writing.

    And even though it is a painful, I like your personal story reflecting on your father’s harsh words on what he thinks of work and money and how you said: ” . . . reading Malesic’s article really pulled a weight off my shoulders and this singular quote almost brought me to tears.” I really love that part. You can use that sentence verbatim if you are making such a point in your op-ed. And I think you can make the point that after the pandemic, people are coming to a new understanding of the value your own identity separate from your jon and a new understanding of the work-life balance.

    I just re-read your Outline and I see that you will discuss “the transformation of the very idea of work” — Excellent! so I can see you are already thinking about these things I mentioned.

    As I said before, your work has been solidly good, so not to worry too much. Just pace yourself. Ihave faith in you, Richard!

    Looking forward to seeing your Op-Ed,
    Prof. Wu

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