Progress Report-Sangay Dolma

For my assignment, I have collected few main points. My conclusion draft is almost complete. I am having trouble finding a good hook. I am expecting to submit my assignment on time.

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  1. Hi Sangay:

    I remember you wrote some excellent points into your Reflection parts of your RAB. You did a very good job in the parts where you explain fetishization of Asian women and then you show your personal story about scary incident walking and a random man whispering a lewd comment into your ear. That is chilling. You can use this same writings and put them into your op-ed where they may work into your message/argument.

    Good hook — hmmm. Maybe go back to your RAB and review what you learned and then an idea may come to you. ALSO looking at the mentor text op-eds may give you an idea. ALSO the how to write an op-ed may help you.

    Look at the example student LETTER by Student Emily Hu in the Genre Project Resources page. She writes on this exact topic. I also want to share a CTechWriter video that was made about the Anti-Asian racism during the pandemic. The video uses Emily’s letter as frame.

    I will show this in class on Wednesday.

    Looking forward to your Genre Project,
    Prof. Wu

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