Outline Genre Project- Leslie Martinez

  • How has the COVID-19 pandemic allowed teenagers to use their stress during this time to find coping mechanisms?
  • Introduction

-Base of mental health

-disassociation from teachers and peers

  • My point of view and experience

-losing social skills/ becoming antisocial mental health issues

-my mental health issues

  • Help that was provided to me

– Coping mechanisms

  • Conclusion:

There is so much that can be developed from the pandemic, especially for young adults. That can come in many forms such as dissociation from society, mental health issues, and isolation. It’s a heavyweight on young adults. For that reason, I want to write my story and give the ways I coped with my stress. This includes building strength for the changes I make and face on my own.

1 thought on “Outline Genre Project- Leslie Martinez”

  1. Hi Leslie Ann:

    Now I am really confused. You are writing a story? You are writing a poem? You were supposed to make that decision at the proposal HW 2 stage.

    Prof. Wu

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