Mentor Text Analysis — Jaqueline

The article “Are Australians socially inclusive? 5 things we’ve learned after surveying 11,000 people for half a decade” by Kun Zhao and Liam Smith hooks the audience by using an important event at the time to start off their article. After the introduction, there was a paragraph containing the amount of time and people that were questioned. It also contained the reason why they decided to do this. The text includes direct sources such as the results from their own survey, along with other research articles that were published years before theirs. The text also includes newspaper articles.  The text smoothly transitions from the reason the survey was made to the results obtained. The layout is organized, it starts from the introduction and then makes it’s way through each individual point. There are little pieces of information about the authors, company and their partners on the side. Each new point is in a larger size and with a bold font. The article is divided into 5 points and each point has a couple of small paragraphs. It ends on point 5 and wraps up the article by restating the main message. The message is that although there is prejudice, Australians are willing to step up to make their home a better place for everyone. I will avoid adding too much information that may confuse those who read my piece. I will also avoid using confusing words they may not understand and keep it as simple and as straightforward as possible.

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