RAB Conclusion-Devin T.

During my researched I learned more about what it was like to be a student during the pandemic. I myself couldn’t really continue with my carpentry class when everything shut down.Didn’t really have a laptop and simply didn’t want to go anymore. I felt it was pointless to do a fully HANDS ON class online. Couldn’t learn as much, wasn’t as fun and it just didn’t seem worth my time. That’s how a lot of students felt in the articles I read for this assignment. Most were actually worse off because not going wasn’t really an option for them. High school students in the articles/videos I read spoke about the added stress of having to go to school while dealing with the drama of family life and having no escape. Not being able to see friends anymore made them depressed and it cause them to lose some motivation.One student in particular,Irving Oliver, stated that always being home with his family and unable to see friends for so long made him much more irritable.I definitely understand that.Even though I wasn’t quarantined with family and was fortunate enough to be with good people, I too felt the increase in irritation with anything. We should put more money into programs for the mental health of students. A place where they can talk about whats going on in their lives so they can feel as though they have a sense of community. People often say children are the future so shouldn’t we as a society try to save their sanity?

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