RAB Conclusion- Mateo

During my research I was able to learn that working remotely for white collared workers not only helped them physically with not having to commute at all and getting more time at home, but mentally as well since stress levels were decreased and there was less pressure to get work done fast. This changed my whole idea about working from home because I only saw not commuting to work as the only benefit and not seeing the negative impacts that had on most mentally from always trying to get work done quickly, inflexible schedules, and just the demand of always being at an office. This research is important because it shows that even though the pandemic is coming near its end, the opportunity to work remotely doesn’t have to end with it. Offices should be leading more into implementing more hybrid styles even after the pandemic of working so workers can have more flexible schedules and not return to the time consuming 9-5 office days. Office employees would benefit from this since they would be able to work at their own paces and not feel overwhelmed which overall would lead to better quality work. My essay will be argumentative since I agree with keeping remote working and not forcing workers to come back to their offices full time.

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