RAB Proposal Paragraph- Chris

How has the CV pandemic impacted and changed the Global supply Chains and why is it important? This topic interests me because I find it fascinating in how the world is closely interconnected and how country rely in other country for products and resources. I’m also interested in how countries and companies reacted to the supply chain braking and looking at whether or not they are taking advantage of the problem or not. On top of that I’m also interested in what some countries are doing to ether help the problem or make it worse. I already know that companies in certain industries are getting hit harder than others. Also, some countries are trying to expand their domestic industries so they can be less reliant other countries. I also know that there is a bottleneck from the ports to the rest of the country due to multiple factors. Some points that I plan to explore and find out more about are why are companies struggling to meet demands and stay supplied, how are the people in countries being affected by the broken supply chain, and how are companies and countries governments reacting to the supply chain and if they are helping to fix it or make it woes.




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  1. Oh wow. I didn’t think of this, this is intriguing. Many companies did lack many products during covid due to the situation which is why it was so hard for many of us to grocery shop. You did the right thinking with your explanation of your research essay because you hooked me. I can’t wait to read more.

  2. This is very interesting. I am also doing some research on the companies and how the pandemic affected the economy of America. I also found it interesting that many people were panic buying items and many stores were running low on supply. Many couldn’t keep on the high demands for toilet papers and etc. Some people were even buying a lot of gas and storing them in their houses.

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