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                                       Self Introduction

Hi, David here. Just your regular average young gentleman who goes with the flow. My government name is David Antwi and I originate from the motherland Africa from the country Ghana.Calm,Cool and Collective are three words that can be used to describe me. I am a very laid back kind of person but my work ethic is unmatched. Being social is not a problem that I have but I choose when to be sociable and when it’s not needed. I am a freshman In City Tech and so far it has been a little stressful and challenging but It will only make me better.

My major is Human Resources due  to the fact that I think I have good people skills when needed and I am able to be an asset in a group and be a useful tool for success. I have lived in NYC for a very long time and do not plan on moving anytime soon, Though I am interested in traveling around the world such as Paris etc. Hobbies will be listening to music and oin to the gym. I listen to lots of different genres of music and find it fascinating because of the fact that someone can be from somewhere like Alabama and have a totally different sound than someone from New York. I am starting to get into reading a lot and I think its important so that is a skill I need to enhance. This is a little about David Antwi.

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  1. David-Thx for sharing so much about yourself. I hope your work ethic will spread to everyone in the class. THis class requires a lot from all of you, so I hope everyone will find their inner work ethic. ALso great that you want to be a more avid reader. College is all about reading!

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