Hello my name is Oishe Barua and I am 18 years old. I am Bengali which surprises many people because my physical features throws them off with what nationality I am. I was born and raised in Queens and I am the eldest child in my family. A few majors things about me is that I have been musically inclined since a young age which makes me passionate and continuously active with singing, playing instruments, and dancing. My other hobbies consists of also playing sports, specifically soccer. I love animals but sadly can’t have any in my household because my family is allergic. However, I plan to get a dog when I get my own apartment.

Currently I am a freshman at City Tech in my second semester. I am pursuing my Bachelors in Career and Technology Education, essentially on the path to becoming an educator. I’ve been in turmoil when it came to what major I wanted to pursue in but as of right now I can see myself being in the education field. I am hoping that I get to be at campus more often because I want to be able to have a proper college experience, even though it is doubtful due to the pandemic.

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  1. Dogs are so adorable, right? My boyfriend and I are looking for a dog for a while. We had a dog a long time ago but he passed away due to health complications. Hopefully, soon we will adopt a puppy.

  2. Hi Oishe: You’ve made a lot of interesting contributions to our class — in the chat bar. I love your commnetary about Unlearning my Name video that we watched the first day. Please share more out loud so we can all hear your ideas. What instruments do you play? And have you learned traditional Indian dancing?

    Are you on campus with any of your classes? I hope we will all be completely back on campus safely in Fall of 2022.

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