My name is Randy Duran, this is currently my 2nd semester attending City Tech. I am the oldest of two, my brother being the youngest. I come from a Dominican household. Both my parents were born and raised in the Dominican Republic. They first came into the US at a very young age not knowing a single word of English. Growing up it was extremely hard for them as they progressed and continued their education here. It was a constant struggle for them to excel in any of their classes but they were able to manage and pull through. With that being said there was a high expectation for me and my younger brother to bring good grades at home. Since young my parents would take my younger brother and I to the Dominican Republic to experience or I should say put us in perspective of what it was like growing up in the mother land. I’ve always wanted to dig deeper and see what my ancestors were like in there time.

I am currently majoring in Radiologic Technology to eventually become an Interventional Radiologist aka the Doctor of the Radiology department, yes a very big role in the medical field. I love sports, cars, music, traveling, and most importantly open to trying new things stepping out of my comfort zone as well was spending off time with my fiancée. I’ve never been a big reader unless sports article were involved or car magazines which would automatically catch my attention. I hope to become a much stronger reader and writer during the course of time this semester. I look forward to getting to know each and everyone!

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  1. THx for stepping up and starting the Whatsapp group, Randy. Have you registered for your NYTimes Subscription yet? My suggestion: Start reading the Olympics.

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