Hello there, my name is Chris Gjoka I am a 19-year-old I was born in the United States with my older brother. But my parents immigrated to the U.S from a small Country called Albania in southeastern part of Europe. I mostly speak English, but I also know who to speak a bit of Albanian to talk to my parents and grandparents. My Major is computer science so I can go into the profession of computer coding/engineering.

My current hobbies consist of playing video games primarily (RPG, MMO, FPS and RTS) with my friends, consistently watching anime, reading mostly manga, and especially having a general interest in computers, computer parts and how and why they work and what it takes to make it work.

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  1. Hi Chris: Please go back and re-read the instructions for this assignment. Fix the title and the required length! SO IMPORTANT TO READ INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY!

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