Day by Day Listing

Handout Name Category
Day 01 ARCH 1290 Coures Outline Syllabus
ARCH 1200 Coures Outline Syllabus
Learning Community – Project Statement Outline
OpenLab-Welcome-V1.0.pdf OpenLab
Assignment- Who am I – Questions Team Assignment
Assignment- Site Inventory & Analysis Team Assignment
Day 02 Handout Site.01.OasisNYC Sequential
Handout Site.02.Revit.ProjectLocation Sequential
Handout Site.03.Revit.ProjectNorth Sequential
Handout Bldg.01.Revit.BldgOutlines Sequential
Foundation Details Study 1 Due.2011.0913 Individual
Day 03 Handout Bldg.02.Revit.Grids Sequential
Day 04 Handout Bldg.02.Revit.Levels Sequential
Day 05 Handout Bldg.04.Revit.Foundation.1 Sequential
LC.1200-1290 Rubric.Revit.01 Grading Rubric
LC.1200-1290 Rubric.Team.01 Grading Rubric
Day 06 Assignment- Scavenger Hunt Worksheet Team Assignment
Day 07 Handout Bldg.05.Revit.Foundation.2 Sequential
Foundation Details Study 2 Due.2011.0927 Individual Assignment
Day 08 Handout Bldg.06.Revit.Floor.1 Sequential
Day 09 Handout Bldg.07.Revit.Gym.Masonry.1 Sequential
Handout Bldg.08.Revit.Gym,Masonry.2 Sequential
LC DAY.09 Assignment-
Team Case Study Gym Research
Day 10 Handout Bldg.09.Revit.Gym.Windows Sequential
Day 11 Handout Bldg.10.Revit.Gym.Roofs Sequential
Day 12 Handout Bldg.11.Revit.Gym.Roof Truss.1.Create Sequential
Handout Bldg.11.Revit.Gym.Roof Truss.2.Edit Sequential
Day 13 Handout Sheet.12.Revit.Layout.1 Sequential
Day 14 Handout Sheet.12.Revit.Layout.2 & 3 Sequential
Day 15 & 16 Handout Sheet.13.AutoCAD.Precast.1 Sequential
Day 17 & 18 Handout Sheet.14.AutoCAD.MasonryWall.1 Sequential
Day 19 Handout Sheet.15.AutoCAD.Sheets & PaperSpace Sequential
Day 20 Assignment Team Poster Presentation Team Assignment

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  2. debora tannenbaum says:

    Prof. King; Thank you for the “Day by Day Listing”. The colors shall help. Debora T

  3. debora tannenbaum says:

    Prof. King; Thanks for the “Day by Day Listing” in colors!

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