Day 01: Due Day 2

Day 1 : Assignment Due on Day 2

Task 1: To interview your team mates, write their “about me” statements and post these on your team website.  Use the worksheet below to help you with the interview process.  I think you will find it easier to to write about your team mate than to write about yourself.

LC DAY.01 Assignment- Who am I – Discussion Questions Worksheet

Task 2: To complete your photographic site inventory and upload this to your teams website.  My recommendation is that you add a new page under the “Research and Discussions” section.  You could call it Site Survey or another name that makes sense to your team.

  • To add a new page go into the Admin Tools Dashboard and look for Pages > Add New – and create your new page.  (you need to be logged in)
  • To make this page show up as a sub-page of the “Research & Discussions” page look for the “Appearance” section of the dashboard (towards the bottom-left) .  Select Menus –  Under Pages select the new page and then choose “add to menu“.   Then in the right hand window drag the page to beindented just below the “Research & Discussions” page.  Then Select “Save Menu“.
  • To add the photos to you page first go to the Pages section of the Dashboard.  If you hover your mouse over the name of the new page you will then able to select “edit“.  Next just above the formatting tools (bolditalics, etc) you will see “Upload/Insert“.  Select Add Image > From Computer > Select Files > Save all Changes.  Review the Gallery Setup options and then select “Insert Gallery“.
  • To save your page select “Update” and make sure its status is “published

LC DAY.01 Assignment- Site Inventory & Analysis

Task 3: Since you worked as a team to complete the assignment your time should be noted on your “Team Meeting Log

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