Assignment Reminder

At present you should be working on two assignments – both case studies – one as a team and one as your own.  We are off for over a week due to the holidays and will meet our next class on Thursday October 6th.

Due on October 6th – Team presentations of case gym studies.  You will be presenting as a team in a single and uniform PowerPoint presentation but each of you will have your own case study.

Due on October 6th – Individual research on your case study on movement.  Go back to the site if you need to, take additional photographs and begin to identify what you will be looking to explain or understand and what drawings or images will be necessary to explain clearly to the rest of the class.  Your final case study should include hand drawings (isometric, section, plan details), photographs and any necessary written description.

Please refer to the assignment sheet on the handouts page.

Assignment-Scavenger-Hunt-Worksheet & Case Study

Assignment-Team-Case-Study-Gym-Research & PowerPoint Presentation

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  1. Camile Brown says:

    hello, Prof. King
    I have a question, regarding the handout. One the back of it there are question should be answered by the entire team on the gym we are working on together? or Is it distinctively based on what we as individuals discovered in our own research?

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