Current Assignments

A couple it notes just to clarify things for everyone.

  • First the latest handout provided in class that covers using AutoCad to develop a masonry wall is now posted.  See the handouts section of the site.
  • The case study assignment will be due for final submission on Tuesday November 8th.  For this Thursday the 3rd you should come to class with a mockup of what you plan on changing based on this past Tuesday’s in class pinup.
  • Due this Thursday the 3rd is the Masonry elevation coursing assignment.  This is to be completed in AutoCad before class begins.  You need to have already completed layout of bricks on two facades – one the North or South and the other needs to be either the East or West.  You do not need to layout all the bricks but enough to show that you have figured out the coursing. From the corner of the building this would likely be two column bays in.
  • We will be working on the Masonry wall section in AutoCad this Thursday.
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