Take the Mid-Semester Survey

Please retake the survey you were given at the beginning of the semester:

Click here to take survey

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Current Assignments

A couple it notes just to clarify things for everyone.

  • First the latest handout provided in class that covers using AutoCad to develop a masonry wall is now posted.  See the handouts section of the site.
  • The case study assignment will be due for final submission on Tuesday November 8th.  For this Thursday the 3rd you should come to class with a mockup of what you plan on changing based on this past Tuesday’s in class pinup.
  • Due this Thursday the 3rd is the Masonry elevation coursing assignment.  This is to be completed in AutoCad before class begins.  You need to have already completed layout of bricks on two facades – one the North or South and the other needs to be either the East or West.  You do not need to layout all the bricks but enough to show that you have figured out the coursing. From the corner of the building this would likely be two column bays in.
  • We will be working on the Masonry wall section in AutoCad this Thursday.
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Assignment Reminder

At present you should be working on two assignments – both case studies – one as a team and one as your own.  We are off for over a week due to the holidays and will meet our next class on Thursday October 6th.

Due on October 6th – Team presentations of case gym studies.  You will be presenting as a team in a single and uniform PowerPoint presentation but each of you will have your own case study.

Due on October 6th – Individual research on your case study on movement.  Go back to the site if you need to, take additional photographs and begin to identify what you will be looking to explain or understand and what drawings or images will be necessary to explain clearly to the rest of the class.  Your final case study should include hand drawings (isometric, section, plan details), photographs and any necessary written description.

Please refer to the assignment sheet on the handouts page.

Assignment-Scavenger-Hunt-Worksheet & Case Study

Assignment-Team-Case-Study-Gym-Research & PowerPoint Presentation

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It’s time for a Architectural Scavenger Hunt

We are taking field trip to the Brooklyn Waterfront tomorrow.  Remember to bring comfortable shoes, your sketchbooks and cameras.  We will be meeting first at our classroom on the 8th floor and will be leaving no later than 8:30 so don’t be late or you will miss us.

Go to the Handouts Page Now . . . . .

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Latest Tutorial Handout & Grading Rubrics are available

The tutorial covering the creation of footings and foundations has been posted for you to download.

The Grading Rubric used to evaluate your individual Revit drawings and the Grading Rubric used to evaluate your team websites are also available.

Go to the Handouts Page Now….


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Web photo gallery of Thursday drawing 2 class 3

Dear Class;

Here is a link to gallery of drawing class photos available on Picasa:

Debora Tannenbaum

Here is a link to gallery of drawing class photos:

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Please take the class survey

Answer this survey based on your level of knowledge or understanding prior to the first day of class.

Click here to take survey

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See the new Handouts Page

I have re-organized and posted all of the handouts to make it easier for you to gain access


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Please Update Your Display Names

Please update your display names to be your proper names so I can tell who you are……

thanks – Prof. King

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A New Handout – to help you get Free AutoDesk Software

I have put together a handout to help you to understand how to register, activate and access free software from AutoDesk.  When you register you will need to use a valid citytech email address.



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