ePortfolio Checklist

As the semester comes to a close, there are a couple very important final things to complete. First, you will need to study for the Final Exam. You should review chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 & 9 in Digital Media Primer, and take another look at the articles we read early in the semester.

Second, you will need to make sure that your ePortfolio Site is fully in order. You should have 16 homework posts, a handful of in-class posts, 2 pages that were created for this class, a well-designed banner, and a relatively new profile image.

Here is a checklist of the posts and pages that were assigned throughout the semester, in order from the most recent to the oldest:

HW Posts:
– Video Interview with 2-3 paragraphs
– 12 Interview Questions
– Final Version of Visual Quote with 2-3 paragraphs
– Visual Quote mostly-final version
– 3-4 paragraph field trip response
– 3 Visual Quote designs
– 2 rough draft sketches of Visual Quote
– Research Paper 1st draft
– Research Paper Outline
– Curves Adjustment Images or Test
– 2 Summaries of articles on color & logos
– 1 paragraph description of logo topic
– Revised banner image design
– Banner image sketches
– 2-3 images from Getty Images with descriptions
– Draft Bio statement

– Research Paper
– Bio

Other Submissions:
– Banner Image
– OpenLab profile picture
– Logo paper (emailed, 9/5)

With all of these items in place, and a little studying for the final, you should do very well for the semester!

Assignment for December 12

Your assignment for next class is to complete and upload your Video Interview Project. When you finish editing in Premiere, you should Export your video as an .mov or .mp4 file, then upload to your ePortfolio site.

Your file size may be too large to upload directly to your site. If this is the case, you can try to upload to Youtube, then link to your ePortfolio. Or you can just bring the exported file to class on the 12th. We will take a few minutes to talk more about exporting and uploading on the 12th.

Remember that when you post your video you are also responsible for writing 2-3 paragraphs describing your process. Did everything go smoothly in scheduling the interview? Was your subject as engaging as you hoped or expected? What were the most revealing or interesting thoughts that they shared? Did you have any difficulties in getting them to open up to you? Is the quality of your recording better or worse than you hoped? Was the lighting good? How does the audio sound? Are you happy with your final edit, or did you need to cut out important details?

Even if you have issues uploading your video files, you are still responsible for posting the written portion for next class.

Assignment for December 5

Our next assignment involves a major part of your Video Interview Project and a reading from our text book. Your objectives are as follows:

– Record your video interview. Plan to sit with your subject for an hour. It’s alright if you do not end up recording the entire time, provided that you capture the most important moments. If your subject relays critical information, or tells a particularly interesting story, while you’re not recording ask them to repeat what they said while you are recording. Remember to also shoot still images or “b-roll” video that can be used for cuts in editing. We will have at least 90 minutes to edit in class on the 5th, so it is imperative that you come prepared with your footage.

– Read Chapter 9: Adding HTML5 Video and Audio in Digital Media Primer (p. 277-286 in 3rd Edition)

Assignment for November 28

Our assignments for next class are as follows:

– Read chapter 4 of Digital Media Primer (pg. 118-136 in 3rd ed.)

– Post a final revision of your visually enhanced quote, along with 2-3 paragraphs describing your process and the changes made to the document over time. Discuss the source of the quote, the inspiration for your design, and the ways in which you altered or improved your original concept in each revision.

– Reach out to potential subjects for your Video Interview Project. You should think of someone who has experiences unique situations or might have a particularly interesting story to tell. They must also be available to sit down for an hour-long interview between November 28 and December 4. If possible, schedule a time for the interview.

– Write at least 12 interview questions that will be relevant for this subject. Consider the ways in which your questions will reveal the elements of their personal or professional lives that make them an interesting subject. Type your questions as a new Post on your ePortfolio site.

Assignment for November 14

Your assignment for next week will be to complete you Visual Quote Project, post a response to our Field Trip, and read the next section in our textbook. Here are the details:

– Refine and post the final version of your Visual Quote project. This should be a PDF from your InDesign document. You might also include a Jpeg in the post so the design is immediately visible when scrolling through your ePortfolio. Please also bring your working files, including all of the assets and/or fonts that you’ve Placed into InDesign, to class with you on the 14th.

– Write a 3-4 paragraph response to our Field Trip. You should select 2-3 pieces from the several exhibitions on view to compare and contrast. Refer back to the items that you saved using the museum’s stylus. Use the information provided on the museum’s website to frame your selected works in a historical context. Define the medium of the work and the time period or movement in which it was made. Consider aesthetic, conceptual or functional relationships that might exist between the items that you found interesting. Describe why certain works stood out amongst all others in the exhibitions, and why those works or objects struck you as outstanding or unique. Select works from several shows, using different media, from different time periods.

– Read the remainder of Chapter 6 in Digital Media Primer; Sections 6.6-6.11 (pages 193-222 in the 3rd edition).



Assignment for November 7

The items that should be completed before next week’s class are as follows:

– Complete 3 new designs for your Visual Quote project. 2 of these must be new for this week. The 3rd can be a revision of your sketches from last week. These designs should be completed digitally and should be more refined than your previous sketches. The due date for this project is approaching quickly. This is a critical time for working on these sketches.

– Read Digital Media Primer, chapter 6, sections 6.1 through 6.5. (pgs. 175-193 in 3rd ed.)

And remember that next week is our Field Trip to the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, located at 2 East 91st Street. We’ll meet at 12:00 in the atrium of the museum. This will insure sufficient travel time from City Tech to the museum for anyone who will be coming from morning classes. The visit will last about an hour and a half, which should allow plenty of time to return for anyone with classes later in the afternoon. Bring a pencil and notebook to take notes on the exhibition. And be ready to enjoy an interesting afternoon of exciting new design work.


Assignment for October 31

You should know very well by now that research papers are due next week. Along with completing this substantial piece of the semester’s work, we’ll begin our next design project. Here are the details of what you’ll need submit:

– Your final research paper, both printed and as a new Page on your ePortfolio site. The printed document should be double-spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman. Please do not include a cover page or any kind of folder; just stapled on the top left corner. The new Page should contain the final version of the paper and all images. Please make sure both the print and electronic versions comply with our Project Guidelines.

– Initial sketches for your Visual Quote project. You should complete at least 2 sketches using two different text in each. You can draw these sketches by hand, or in the software program of your choice.

– Please also take a look at Chapter 8 in your textbook for a review of our class session and some additional info on using HTML.

Assignment for October 24

Next week’s assignment will be a reading from our textbook and the next major step toward completing your research paper:

– Read the remainder of Chapter 3 in Digital Media Primer, sections 3.7-3.13 (pgs. 84-108 in 3rd edition).

– Complete the first draft of your Research Paper. Build from your outline to draft a more complete version of your paper. It is not necessary to include complete citation information and bibliography at this point, but it is a good idea to start annotating your document so you know where to include references. You should now be working in a word processing program – i.e. Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc. – rather than simply typing into a WordPress post. In keeping with that logic, you should attach a PDF of your draft in a new post. (In Word or Pages you can “Save As…” or “Export to…”, in Google Docs you can “Download As…” Please do not attach a .doc file or share a Google link.)