Assignment for November 7

The items that should be completed before next week’s class are as follows:

– Complete 3 new designs for your Visual Quote project. 2 of these must be new for this week. The 3rd can be a revision of your sketches from last week. These designs should be completed digitally and should be more refined than your previous sketches. The due date for this project is approaching quickly. This is a critical time for working on these sketches.

– Read Digital Media Primer, chapter 6, sections 6.1 through 6.5. (pgs. 175-193 in 3rd ed.)

And remember that next week is our Field Trip to the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, located at 2 East 91st Street. We’ll meet at 12:00 in the atrium of the museum. This will insure sufficient travel time from City Tech to the museum for anyone who will be coming from morning classes. The visit will last about an hour and a half, which should allow plenty of time to return for anyone with classes later in the afternoon. Bring a pencil and notebook to take notes on the exhibition. And be ready to enjoy an interesting afternoon of exciting new design work.


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