Assignment for November 14

Your assignment for next week will be to complete you Visual Quote Project, post a response to our Field Trip, and read the next section in our textbook. Here are the details:

– Refine and post the final version of your Visual Quote project. This should be a PDF from your InDesign document. You might also include a Jpeg in the post so the design is immediately visible when scrolling through your ePortfolio. Please also bring your working files, including all of the assets and/or fonts that you’ve Placed into InDesign, to class with you on the 14th.

– Write a 3-4 paragraph response to our Field Trip. You should select 2-3 pieces from the several exhibitions on view to compare and contrast. Refer back to the items that you saved using the museum’s stylus. Use the information provided on the museum’s website to frame your selected works in a historical context. Define the medium of the work and the time period or movement in which it was made. Consider aesthetic, conceptual or functional relationships that might exist between the items that you found interesting. Describe why certain works stood out amongst all others in the exhibitions, and why those works or objects struck you as outstanding or unique. Select works from several shows, using different media, from different time periods.

– Read the remainder of Chapter 6 in Digital Media Primer; Sections 6.6-6.11 (pages 193-222 in the 3rd edition).



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