Assignment for October 3rd

Our assignments for next week are as follows:

– Read the second half of chapter 2 in Digital Media Primer, sections 2.7-2.10 (pgs. 42-58 in the 3rd edition)

– Begin work on your Research Paper. You should identify the Logo that you would like to use as the topic for your paper, then begin using our library resources to access information on that logo. Create a new post with a 1 paragraph description of the logo you’ll be researching.

– Complete any outstanding updates to your ePortfolio site. You should now have:
– Your banner image in place
– A Bio Page
– A new/recent profile picture
– All of your in-class and homework posts

Assignment for Sept. 12

Our assignment for next week will once again consist of several parts:

– If you have not already, finish reading Chapter 1 of Digital Media Primer.

– Explore Getty Images. Conduct an image search and download a couple images related to a particular topic. Download 2-3 images in various sizes. Create a new post on your OpenLab ePortfolio site, including the images and a 1-2 sentence description of why you choose these images. Provide an additional 1-2 sentences describing the file sizes and resolution of the images you downloaded.

– Write a draft Bio statement for your OpenLab ePortfolio. This statement should be 3-4 sentences describing who you are, why you are interested in working in Communication Design, your specific interests within the field, and some of your career and/or education goals. In writing this statement, consider the fact that every single person in this department has written a similar statement. What can you tell us, or how can you tell it, to make your statement stand out? Share your draft statement as a new post on your OpenLab ePortfolio site.

– Sketch some concepts for a logo to use as a banner image on your OpenLab ePortfolio site. This logo should visually represent your biographical information. Consider how the design relates to your draft statement. You should draw these concepts by hand. Take a couple photos with your phone and create a new post on your ePortfolio site or bring the sketches to class next week.


Assignment for Sept. 5

Our first homework assignment will consist of a few parts:

– Read the first chapter of Digital Media Primer. You can purchase the textbook in print or as an eBook via Amazon. The City Tech library also holds a handful of copies.

– Read the following short articles:
Analog vs. Digital
The Met and a New Logo
Barbie’s Got a New Body…
2017 Super Bowl Commercials

– Write a 3-4 paragraph response to the discussion of Logos and branding in the last two articles. Are any of the Super Bowl ads, in your opinion, particularly effective? Why? How did these ads promote or damage the image of a particular brand? How did these ads build from or break from previous campaigns. Consider another brand, not mentioned in these articles, whose marketing has struck you as interesting or unique. What role has their logo played in building that brand identity? What particular qualities of that logo do you find to be effective or appealing? Why?

– Email your response to me – – before the start of class on September 5th.