Assignment for Sept. 5

Our first homework assignment will consist of a few parts:

– Read the first chapter of Digital Media Primer. You can purchase the textbook in print or as an eBook via Amazon. The City Tech library also holds a handful of copies.

– Read the following short articles:
Analog vs. Digital
The Met and a New Logo
Barbie’s Got a New Body…
2017 Super Bowl Commercials

– Write a 3-4 paragraph response to the discussion of Logos and branding in the last two articles. Are any of the Super Bowl ads, in your opinion, particularly effective? Why? How did these ads promote or damage the image of a particular brand? How did these ads build from or break from previous campaigns. Consider another brand, not mentioned in these articles, whose marketing has struck you as interesting or unique. What role has their logo played in building that brand identity? What particular qualities of that logo do you find to be effective or appealing? Why?

– Email your response to me – – before the start of class on September 5th.

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