Video Interview Project

We’ll explore the medium of digital video through a Video Interview Project. For this project, you will ask a friend, family member, or individual in your community a series of questions intended to reveal their personality or identity. The extent to which your viewers might come to understand your interview subject will depend not only on the quality of your questions, but on the environment, lighting, camera  angle, sound quality and editing techniques that you employ. You should expect to have a lengthy conversation which you will then edit to create a short video.

Your interview can be natural and relaxed, and it can be shot on your phone or whatever video recording device that is accessible. You can partner with a peer if you’re worried about finding someone to commit to an interview time. The goal of this project is to become more familiar with the basic techniques behind audio-video recording and editing.

To accomplish this, your final video must:
– be 2-3 minutes in length
– be edited using Adobe Premiere
– incorporate music at some point (without distracting from the interviewee speaking)
– begin and end with a title and/or credits screen
– be exported as an .mp4 file
– be uploaded to your ePortfolio site, with 2 paragraphs describing why you chose to work with this interview subject, your process for shooting the video including any great successes or setbacks, what you learned in the process (personally and technically) and what you hope for us to gain by watching the video.

We will have approximately 90 minutes of in-class lab time for editing on December 5. To fully utilize this time it is imperative that you conduct your interview, select the music that you would like to use, and bring the necessary video and audio files to class on that day.

Your final edit and accompanying paragraphs must be uploaded to your ePortfolio site before class on December 12.