Assignment for October 31

You should know very well by now that research papers are due next week. Along with completing this substantial piece of the semester’s work, we’ll begin our next design project. Here are the details of what you’ll need submit:

– Your final research paper, both printed and as a new Page on your ePortfolio site. The printed document should be double-spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman. Please do not include a cover page or any kind of folder; just stapled on the top left corner. The new Page should contain the final version of the paper and all images. Please make sure both the print and electronic versions comply with our Project Guidelines.

– Initial sketches for your Visual Quote project. You should complete at least 2 sketches using two different text in each. You can draw these sketches by hand, or in the software program of your choice.

– Please also take a look at Chapter 8 in your textbook for a review of our class session and some additional info on using HTML.

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