Assignment for November 28

Our assignments for next class are as follows:

– Read chapter 4 of Digital Media Primer (pg. 118-136 in 3rd ed.)

– Post a final revision of your visually enhanced quote, along with 2-3 paragraphs describing your process and the changes made to the document over time. Discuss the source of the quote, the inspiration for your design, and the ways in which you altered or improved your original concept in each revision.

– Reach out to potential subjects for your Video Interview Project. You should think of someone who has experiences unique situations or might have a particularly interesting story to tell. They must also be available to sit down for an hour-long interview between November 28 and December 4. If possible, schedule a time for the interview.

– Write at least 12 interview questions that will be relevant for this subject. Consider the ways in which your questions will reveal the elements of their personal or professional lives that make them an interesting subject. Type your questions as a new Post on your ePortfolio site.

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