Assignment for October 24

Next week’s assignment will be a reading from our textbook and the next major step toward completing your research paper:

– Read the remainder of Chapter 3 in Digital Media Primer, sections 3.7-3.13 (pgs. 84-108 in 3rd edition).

– Complete the first draft of your Research Paper. Build from your outline to draft a more complete version of your paper. It is not necessary to include complete citation information and bibliography at this point, but it is a good idea to start annotating your document so you know where to include references. You should now be working in a word processing program – i.e. Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc. – rather than simply typing into a WordPress post. In keeping with that logic, you should attach a PDF of your draft in a new post. (In Word or Pages you can “Save As…” or “Export to…”, in Google Docs you can “Download As…” Please do not attach a .doc file or share a Google link.)

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