ePortfolio Checklist

As the semester comes to a close, there are a couple very important final things to complete. First, you will need to study for the Final Exam. You should review chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 & 9 in Digital Media Primer, and take another look at the articles we read early in the semester.

Second, you will need to make sure that your ePortfolio Site is fully in order. You should have 16 homework posts, a handful of in-class posts, 2 pages that were created for this class, a well-designed banner, and a relatively new profile image.

Here is a checklist of the posts and pages that were assigned throughout the semester, in order from the most recent to the oldest:

HW Posts:
– Video Interview with 2-3 paragraphs
– 12 Interview Questions
– Final Version of Visual Quote with 2-3 paragraphs
– Visual Quote mostly-final version
– 3-4 paragraph field trip response
– 3 Visual Quote designs
– 2 rough draft sketches of Visual Quote
– Research Paper 1st draft
– Research Paper Outline
– Curves Adjustment Images or Test
– 2 Summaries of articles on color & logos
– 1 paragraph description of logo topic
– Revised banner image design
– Banner image sketches
– 2-3 images from Getty Images with descriptions
– Draft Bio statement

– Research Paper
– Bio

Other Submissions:
– Banner Image
– OpenLab profile picture
– Logo paper (emailed, 9/5)

With all of these items in place, and a little studying for the final, you should do very well for the semester!

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