Assignment for December 12

Your assignment for next class is to complete and upload your Video Interview Project. When you finish editing in Premiere, you should Export your video as an .mov or .mp4 file, then upload to your ePortfolio site.

Your file size may be too large to upload directly to your site. If this is the case, you can try to upload to Youtube, then link to your ePortfolio. Or you can just bring the exported file to class on the 12th. We will take a few minutes to talk more about exporting and uploading on the 12th.

Remember that when you post your video you are also responsible for writing 2-3 paragraphs describing your process. Did everything go smoothly in scheduling the interview? Was your subject as engaging as you hoped or expected? What were the most revealing or interesting thoughts that they shared? Did you have any difficulties in getting them to open up to you? Is the quality of your recording better or worse than you hoped? Was the lighting good? How does the audio sound? Are you happy with your final edit, or did you need to cut out important details?

Even if you have issues uploading your video files, you are still responsible for posting the written portion for next class.

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