Assignment for October 17

This week’s assignment will consist of a reading and 2 posts on your ePortfolio sites. Note that you have the option to complete a hand’s-on activity or written response for the first post. Here is your checklist:

– Read Digital Media Primer, Chapter 3, sections 3.1-3.6 (pg. 64-84 in 3rd edition).

– Using a photograph that you shot (it could be something from your phone) or that you download from Getty Images, make adjustments using a Tone Curve. Open the file in Photoshop, then in the top menu click “Image > Adjustments > Curves.” Save 3 versions of your file in which you have (1) Increased overall Brightness (2) Decreased overall Brightness and (3) Increased overall Contrast. Upload these files to a new post on your ePortfolio site.
– Complete Self-Test Exercise: Interpreting Curves in Digital Media Primer (pgs. 85-87 in 3rd ed.). Record your responses in a new post on your ePortfolio site.

– Create an outline for your Research. This should be a list of the key points that you intend to cover. Consider your introductory comments, the historical framework that you intend to relay, the elements or attributes unique to the logo / brand identity you’re discussing, criticism of and/or praise for the design or design strategy, critical or commercial acceptance, positions toward the design that you agree or disagree with, and the overarching summary of why this logo or brand identity is of particular relevance. Your outline should be the equivalent of 3-4 substantial paragraphs. Post this outline as a new post to your ePortfolio site.

Oct. 10 Class Session – InDesign

We’ll be using InDesign to explore the ways that digital media has expanded our abilities for print output and to familiarize ourselves with the software. For this brief session, we’ll create a 4 page document, sized to 5.5″ x 8.5″ with .25″ margins.

Your document should include the following:
– Multiple text frames
– At least 2 typefaces, with adjustments to font size, line spacing and kearning.
– Multiple objects, with at least one utilizing transparency
– Bit map images with at least one utilizing Transparency options
– Vector images, placed as objects.
– Images or objects bleeding at page edges
– Type overlaying an object or image
– Type wrapped around an image.

Assignment for October 10

For next week, we have a few short readings and a self-guided reading assignment. Please read the following articles / pages:
– From the Smithsonian: How Do Colors Affect Our Moods?
– A more technical article on the Adobe Color Picker
– And an explanation of HTML Color

Using the City Tech Library databases, locate 2 articles related to the use of color in branding or logo design, then:
– create a new post on your ePortfolio page. The post should contain 2 paragraphs summarizing, separately, the 2 articles you found.

Please also review your ePortfolio page and update any missing or incomplete elements (your banner, profile image, and posts).

Also note that the information for the Research Paper should be visible as a PAGE on this course site.

Assignment for October 3rd

Our assignments for next week are as follows:

– Read the second half of chapter 2 in Digital Media Primer, sections 2.7-2.10 (pgs. 42-58 in the 3rd edition)

– Begin work on your Research Paper. You should identify the Logo that you would like to use as the topic for your paper, then begin using our library resources to access information on that logo. Create a new post with a 1 paragraph description of the logo you’ll be researching.

– Complete any outstanding updates to your ePortfolio site. You should now have:
– Your banner image in place
– A Bio Page
– A new/recent profile picture
– All of your in-class and homework posts

Sept. 26 Class Session – Color Test

Here is a link to the X-Rite Hue Test.

Once you’ve organized all of the colors and are ready to determine your score, take a screen shot of your color chips. (Press Shift+Command+4 then click and drag your cursor to select the area from which you’d like to make the screen shot.) It is imperative that you do this before clicking “Score My Test.”

Once you click “Score My Test” record your result. In which area of the spectrum, if any, are you weaker?

Create a New Post on your ePortfolio page with your screenshot and a couple brief sentences describing your results.

Assignment for September 26

Remember that September 19 follows a Thursday schedule. Our next class meeting will be September 26th. Please complete the following by then:

– Read the first half of the second chapter in our textbook, pgs. 28-42, which is sections 2.1-2.6.

– Read this short Mac page on Font Book.

– Read the Adobe Type Primer: Adobetype_primer-1

– Revise your Bio statement to include more personal details regarding your background and ambitions as a designer. Create a new Page (not a Post) on your ePortfolio site containing this Bio. The title  of this page should be something along the lines of “About Me”, “Bio”, etc.

– Add a new image of yourself to your OpenLab profile. This photo should express your personality while maintaining a level of professionalism. (This can be a difficult balance to strike.)

– Revise the design for your ePortfolio site Banner image. This time work in Photoshop or Illustrator. Upload this image as an attachment to a Post.


Sept. 12 Class Session


Please follow along with the Photoshop exercise, using the following instructions as a guide.

HERE is the image we’ll use.

  1. Create a new shape on the image.
  2. Create a new type layer on the image.
  3. Create a work path then use a selection tool to convert the path to a new pixel layer.
  4. Save the image as a layered TIFF file.
  5. Resize the image to 2560 x 1707 at 144 dpi.
  6. Save the image as a PNG file.
  7. Resize the image to 1620 x 1080 at 72 dpi.
  8. Save the image as a JPEG File at Maximum Quality (12).
  9. Save the image as a JPEG File at Medium Quality (6)
  10. Save the image as a JPEG File at Low Quality (0)
  11. Record the File Size for each of these images.
  12. Magnify PNG and JPEG files to compare image quality at different resolutions and compression levels.
  13. Create a New Post on your ePortfolio Site

Assignment for Sept. 12

Our assignment for next week will once again consist of several parts:

– If you have not already, finish reading Chapter 1 of Digital Media Primer.

– Explore Getty Images. Conduct an image search and download a couple images related to a particular topic. Download 2-3 images in various sizes. Create a new post on your OpenLab ePortfolio site, including the images and a 1-2 sentence description of why you choose these images. Provide an additional 1-2 sentences describing the file sizes and resolution of the images you downloaded.

– Write a draft Bio statement for your OpenLab ePortfolio. This statement should be 3-4 sentences describing who you are, why you are interested in working in Communication Design, your specific interests within the field, and some of your career and/or education goals. In writing this statement, consider the fact that every single person in this department has written a similar statement. What can you tell us, or how can you tell it, to make your statement stand out? Share your draft statement as a new post on your OpenLab ePortfolio site.

– Sketch some concepts for a logo to use as a banner image on your OpenLab ePortfolio site. This logo should visually represent your biographical information. Consider how the design relates to your draft statement. You should draw these concepts by hand. Take a couple photos with your phone and create a new post on your ePortfolio site or bring the sketches to class next week.


Assignment for Sept. 5

Our first homework assignment will consist of a few parts:

– Read the first chapter of Digital Media Primer. You can purchase the textbook in print or as an eBook via Amazon. The City Tech library also holds a handful of copies.

– Read the following short articles:
Analog vs. Digital
The Met and a New Logo
Barbie’s Got a New Body…
2017 Super Bowl Commercials

– Write a 3-4 paragraph response to the discussion of Logos and branding in the last two articles. Are any of the Super Bowl ads, in your opinion, particularly effective? Why? How did these ads promote or damage the image of a particular brand? How did these ads build from or break from previous campaigns. Consider another brand, not mentioned in these articles, whose marketing has struck you as interesting or unique. What role has their logo played in building that brand identity? What particular qualities of that logo do you find to be effective or appealing? Why?

– Email your response to me – – before the start of class on September 5th.