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Emmanuel DeWalt Learning Log #2

For this photo I used a 105.0 mm zoom with the lens and it was set to a f/5.8 aperture. This photo was originally dark but I edited the photo in lightroom to bring up the exposure. I also wanted the blue to pop more so I used the temp slider and moved it to be more of a cooler tone that way it really shows the outside light that was illuminating from the window.

Learning Log #2


Today in class we went over what makes a portrait such as lighting, focus, composition, etc. We watched videos on field view of the camera, framing a subject and establishing good communication with the model. Finally, we went off into groups to practice the skills we reviewed in class.

I took this photo in the hallway of the building below the bathroom sign. One of our challenges was finding areas with great light exposure. When I saw the diagonal line created I thought it would create good contrast.

This portrait not only shows my subject but also uses magnificent lighting. The focal point is my subject with very little in the background allowing one to focus on the center. The dark colors from the outfit contrast well with the background adding more depth to this image.

Learning Log #2


Originally the lighting in this photo was really dark, I edited it in lightroom to set a specific tone. Out of all I like this photo because I had trouble with lighting and focus so all of my pictures came out super dark or blurry. This picture was taken in our classroom by the windows I tried to do the do’s and do not’s while taking her portraits.

Learning Log #2 -Iyat Abdelfattah

Today in class we talked about lighting and how to take a proper portrait pictures and do’s and don’ts of portrait taking and differences with different lenses. We paired up into partners and we took a shot on portrait taking with our partners. we couldn’t use natural lighting but we made do with what we had. This photo was my favorite that I shot of my partner.