Learning Log #2


Today in class we went over what makes a portrait such as lighting, focus, composition, etc. We watched videos on field view of the camera, framing a subject and establishing good communication with the model. Finally, we went off into groups to practice the skills we reviewed in class.

I took this photo in the hallway of the building below the bathroom sign. One of our challenges was finding areas with great light exposure. When I saw the diagonal line created I thought it would create good contrast.

1 thought on “Learning Log #2

  1. Pete Labrozzi

    I find myself wondering about the subject’s motivations in this photo. On the lookout before visiting the bathroom perhaps? Haha.

    I do like how the light splits the wall here, it’s an interesting element. This photo might have been served better by a tweak in lightroom to the white balance, it’s a little orangey. It could also be a little brighter. My biggest change would be either a slightly tighter or wider framing as there’s not a lot interesting happening below her head/hair as her outfit is very dark and lower arms are cut off. We should either see her closer or further away. Remember, above elbows or knees are the sweet spots.


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