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Homework #1 Francesco Gola

The photographer that I chose was Francesco Gola who is a landscape photographer. In his bio he said that he loves the art form of nature and his work shows it. The way his photos look it really pops out to you almost like it was perfectly painted. The blue is the real eye catcher with it’s realistic look it really what makes the photo what it is.  The photo that has the red is nicely contrasted with the blue and gives the photo that warm and cool feeling. The lighthouse in the back makes you feel like your actually in the photo and you’re entering a spooky and abandoned place.


Michael Muller

 Michael Muller is a magnificent photographer. This photo in particular, speaks volumes and uses a major property in photography. I may not be able to remember the name of the property but, Muller is focusing on the eyes of his model in this photo, I feel as though the photo being in black and white also assists in the ability to focus more on the model. There was another photo that i did enjoy of his but unfortunately had trouble including it. Michael Muller seems to pay attention to small details and exploits small things like in this photo. Muller blurred the background and had the face of the subject close in the camera making her that much more dominant.

Homework #1


On the website for top modern photographers, there were many great photographers. But one photographer really stood out to me, and that is Alex Noriega. He is an award winning landscape photographer from the US and Capture Landscapes Photographer of 2017. I found his website and there were these two images, it was hard to choose just one. Both have a lot of depth in them.

In the first image, the sunlight attracted my eyes, and from that it spread the focus around the entire shot. From the sky to the water to the trees and to the shadows on the snow. The second image has a lot more going on but it works though. The shadows hovering around the mountain and the trees really cover up the other side to make it more dramatic it seems because of the darkness.