Stanley Kubrick Exhibition at MoNY

I was excited to see the Stanley Kubrick Exhibition at the Museum of New York, because I admire Kubrick’s work as a filmmaker. He has made several iconic films, I personally really enjoy “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “The Shining”. For some reason, I anticipated seeing photographs taken behind the scenes, and on the film sets. I was a little disappointed, I found the content in this exhibition less interesting.

Even though I found the work less exciting, there was still something to be taken from the exhibit. It was a very intimate exhibit, showing Kubrick’s personal work that was significantly more private than his classic films. Kubrick has a very unique eye, and captures interesting moments in time, and strange people. One that really stuck with me was the photograph of the older tattooed man, with his huge nipple piercings. It was such a funny photo, but it was so unusual and personal at the same time. He composed some beautiful photos, with great composition and high contrast. Although a still medium, he still managed to capture theatrical moments in time.


One thought on “Stanley Kubrick Exhibition at MoNY

  1. Pete Labrozzi

    Great observations. It’s important to remember that this was mostly early work of his, slowly building him up to the person who created your favorites. You never know what experiences early on might have formed up the work he did later. Incidentally I’m a big fan of 2001 as well (and Keir Dullea {Dave} is my neighbor!).


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