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Digital Photography II – Bonus Projects

Below are the two extra credit projects. Both are due on or before December 18th, 2018 to get credit. Worth 5 points each/10 points total towards final grade.

Photo Exhibition Trip – 5 points:

Visit the Museum of the City of New York (Free admission with your CUNY ID, 1220 Fifth Ave at 103rd St. Open Daily 10am–6pm), and see either (or both exhibits) :

  1. Through a Different Lens – Stanley Kubrick Photographs
  2. Interior Lives – Contemporary Photographs of Chinese New Yorkers

Write an OpenLab post about the exhibit(s) and your experience including any favorite photographers/photographs. Explain what they did well/poorly, please try to take photos (if allowed) and include examples of the work you’re discussing. If you cannot take photos at the exhibit, please instead provide a copy of your admission ticket as proof of your visit.

Post should be a minimum of two thoughtful paragraphs.

20 Unique Photos in One Place Challenge – 5 points:

Pick a location, stand in one spot and capture at least 20 unique photographs without moving from that spot (you cannot move your feet except for turning around). Each shot should be totally different from all the others, and make sure to focus on all the various rules of composition we’ve learned. Post all twenty to your personal Flickr, best 3 in the Flickr group.

  • As I mentioned in class, I would highly suggest using an SLR for this assignment, not a phone. #1 reason why? The ability to use a zoom lens. Using a zoom lens will greatly help you to make each photo unique and different.
  • Remember, we’re going for quality photos with intentional compositions here, not just click-click-click.