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Girl with a Pearl Earring is an oil painting by Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer. It is a tronie of a girl wearing a headscarf and a pearl earring.


Martin Vrabko was one of the photographers that stood out most to me. He does self portraits and won many awards for his work. He runs his photography and ad agency is Slovakia and the way he captured this women is just perfect. His lighting to the position of this portrait works. He made this women look strong and have so much personality that just by looking at this image you can get an idea of this woman. She could just be his model but this portrait was the best I’ve seen so far.


Fairy tale Final

So My idea I wanted to show was Goldilock and the three bears story. The model of course is me and I’ll be using both my phone and camera to tell the story of Goldilocks. The setting I used was my old small bed which in fact is hard, my older brother bed is too high but you know its mostly fit for a king and my new full size bed was the just right bed. I also change my outfit I had a dark blue dress and a dirty blonde wig. I also re-read the story and did some research and found the original  story 19th-century one where goldilocks is an old lady and jumps out the window. But I did keep the story that we all know and love till this day.
I only will show Goldilocks for my project

Final project description

My final project is on Anansi whom is considered the god of wisdom. His origins are of the African decent and had become popular and spread through Caribbean culture as well. He had so much of  an influence that he ended up premiering in Static Shock an animated series about an African American super hero. If this African god had to be compared to anyone, Loki of Norse mythology would be a great comparison. So this also states that Anansi was a Trickster god whom enjoyed tricks and often shape shifted. His most popular form was a spider.

Fairytale Final

For my fairytale final I will try to recreate The Sleeping Beauty. I’ll have my sister help me out, as she always does. She will play two characters, Aurora as the princess and Maleficent. I’ll use some props that we have around the house and mostlikely use a dark background for the pictures, I want to give it a dark twist. I’ll be using minimum lighting and some cellophane sheets to give it a dark enchantress look.

Final Project

For my final project I have decided to to recreate the story of Sleeping Beauty. I am using my best friend, Andrea, as a model and we will try to recreate the looks with the props we have at hand. I do want to make it look fancy, to make it clear that she is indeed a princess. The most important prop to get is the rose she holds while she’s sleeping. It’s the signature of the fairy tale. I couldn’t get any of my boy friends to act as the prince who wakes her up but hopefully I’m able to embody princess Aurora without that.