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Martin Vrabko was one of the photographers that stood out most to me. He does self portraits and won many awards for his work. He runs his photography and ad agency is Slovakia and the way he captured this women is just perfect. His lighting to the position of this portrait works. He made this women look strong and have so much personality that just by looking at this image you can get an idea of this woman. She could just be his model but this portrait was the best I’ve seen so far.


Extra credit 1


The Museum of the city of New York was a fun experience I decided to take my sister with me who also had a great time. Not only is it right across the street from Central Park which was awesome but I have never been to this museum at all and was excited to see what was inside.  We went to the 3rd floor to view the exhibit called “Through a different lense “ but on the wall there was photos of women which caught my attention. It was also titled “ Rebel Women”  it showed what women  was like back in the day. It talked about women’s rights and how the beginning of women freedom came about. They displayed a corset and a red shoe ..the red shoe was worn to show they stand for women’s right so basically they started using there clothing to make a statement. The corset looked to small  and uncomfortable I can’t imagine how women were wearing these things.


Then we entered the exhibit “ Through a different lense “ and I don’t know why I noticed this part of the exhibit but they had red walls and black frames for his pictures who were in black and white. I thought that it attracted the pictures more to the eye. It also didn’t distract to much from his pictures the pictures were so cool to see how New Yorkers were like years ago. Capturing different moods and moments in people’s lives. One showed Coney Island still looks the same but then onvioulsy the people were different culture was different in New York. Overall I really enjoyed this trip and would defiantly do this again.


Final Project Idea

I decided for my final project idea to go with the nursery rhyme. The one I decided to choose from is “ itsy bitsy spider”. I will be using a model dressed in costume like a black widow look. I will also have her do the hand gestures of the song but creating the a story line that makes sense with the song so people can follow. Along with my pictures. Super excited to see how it comes out.


anther Idea I had was ring around the rosey I would be yawing some images in black and white and in color describing the song also using a female model. My third idea would be little red riding hood but in a modern time perspective

Learning Log #5

Today in class we went out in to the park and we practiced with our motion shots. It was a bit tricky at first trying to capture the image and focusing on what you wanted to make in motion. I soon got the hang of it after a few attempts and practice with the camera.