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Learning Log


The lighting for this particular shot was high. Only one source of light was available which makes the bottom of the flower look darker. I also shot this from a low angle so I would see the flower bloom. I intend to fit the frame, but it can be tighter since there is empty space on the top of the flower.

Learning Log #6

Today in class we were learning to shoot indoor light. We were learning the difference between using soft boxes which provide more of a cloudy day quality of light and constant lights which are more straight on. This photo was taken with a constant light from the side of the flowers, i love that the dark background gives it a gloomy feeling but also allows the red to pop.

Learning Log: Flowers

These are my favorite photos of today’s class because I love the softness of the yellow and pink in the flowers with the white back ground. I choose the second picture because the positioning, the flowers look dead so I laid them on the table to take those photos. I like the last one because of the dark flowers against the black back ground.

Learning Log #6

This is my favorite picture because I used two flowers one that is very dominant in color and the other is more calm in color. I like this because of me focusing on the main flower and showing a blur behind it as if it’s telling a story and the lighting is great because it isn’t too harsh and the captures what is happening behind the dominant flower.