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Fairy tale Final

So My idea I wanted to show was Goldilock and the three bears story. The model of course is me and I’ll be using both my phone and camera to tell the story of Goldilocks. The setting I used was my old small bed which in fact is hard, my older brother bed is too high but you know its mostly fit for a king and my new full size bed was the just right bed. I also change my outfit I had a dark blue dress and a dirty blonde wig. I also re-read the story and did some research and found the original  story 19th-century one where goldilocks is an old lady and jumps out the window. But I did keep the story that we all know and love till this day.
I only will show Goldilocks for my project


lol lollollol

Sunday I finally got a chance to attend photoville and it  was amazing. I learned so much and i saw one photographer work who i met in person last year summer. The photographer work was hanged up on the crates ( I believe thats what you call them) as soon as you enter from the front. Wayne Lawrence work is very inspirational he had some of his portraits from “Muslims In America” the photos to me showed a story behind everyone faces through their eyes. I actually follow him on Instagram and if you take a look to see his work is portraits are amazing! ( you may even find a pic of me too)  besides his work I also enjoyed another photographer work A FEMALE photographer! She had the chance to visit Africa and take pictures of mothers giving birth all in black and white. I also had the chance to meet her (yes I was fan girl-ing out) it was the highlight of my night ! The pictures was a bit graphic but so peaceful I loved it.

I honestly cant wait for next year