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Fairy Tale Final

For the final project, I was thinking of retelling the story The Boy Who Cried Who Wolf and include some of my cousins or even my sister to act in some roles such as the wolf or the shepherd or a townsfolk etc. That’s something I would like to do.

Learning Log 11


I wanted the edges of the Nintendo switch to have this glow effect from the lights. I also wanted one of the joy cons to be detached to have the light hitting the edges as well. I’m not sure if the light hit well. I also to another shot of the switch in angle so you can see side much brighter than the other side.

Learning Log 7

This is the one of the photo I liked, I wanted a person to hold the candy because I wanted to do more. I didn’t want the candy to be standing still or be put in the table. So I asked one of my classmates to hold the candy in his hand because I wanted to test out new things, during this photoshoot.

Learning Log #6

This is one of my favorite shot I took during the photoshoot. What works is the rule of thirds even if it’s off for a bit. All the attention is going to the white flower because of the black background. The white petals are working to pop out more. The only trouble I had was that I needed to step back and zoom in to the flower. Most of the time the camera wouldn’t take the picture so I had to step back and then take the picture.

Learning Log 5

In this picture we had two subjects and they were swinging on the swings, This picture shows movement of the subjects as they go back and forth. I used a very low shutter speed to make the subjects to have the blurry effect. While keeping everything in frozen. I used a tripod to keep the camera still so they wouldn’t be movement at my end.

Learning Log 4

Model Emmanuel
The way I got this shot, was having the reflector to left side of the model and reflect the flash, so the light would hit the model’s face. I light how the light created his expression to have a aggressive look because of the light. I like how the pose of the model also goes along with it as well. Even if I didn’t know this picture came out like this, Still like how it came out at the very end.

Learning Log 3

The reason why picked this picture is because the why the subject was standing. She was also taking a picture of skyline of New York City. I remember that I took two shots because she was turning her head so many times. But the finish product was good. I like the rule of three was apply in this photo. Not only that but I like there this effect going on that she’s looking at something but it has this direction going on.