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Photo Exhibition Extra Credit

I recently visited the Museum of the City of New York where I saw the following exhibits: Through a different Lens- Stanley Kubrick Photographs and Interior Lives- Contemporary Photographs of Chinese New Yorkers. In the Chinese New Yorkers exhibit, I got a strong sense of purpose because most the photographers were trying to capture the struggles of Chinese immigrants in America. Some pictures were taken intentionally but there were also some taken off-guard or without the subject’s knowledge. The things that stood out to me the most is how the photographers told stories of Chinese immigrants that lived on top of each other or with complete lack of space or privacy. They left China and the surrounding areas with the intention of sending money back to their families which created distance within them. A lot of photographs were taken outside or by windows with natural light. The picture above was taken from a high angle including light from window. It was also cropped tightly adding to the crowded feeling.

In the Stanley Kubrick Photographs I was able to see how Kubrick was growing and experimenting with different elements. He utilized with night photography, and composed both posed and off guard photographs from interesting perpectives selling his early work to Look magazine. His intention was to capture the behaviors of everyday Americans going about their lives, working and enjoying pastimes like boxing.

Final Photo shoot plan

2 Female subject, 1 male subjects

What your project will be (which nursery rhyme/fairy tale).
– Pandora’s Box (Myth)
– Ring Around the Rosie (Dark undertone) Black plague

Your are your plans to shoot this and tell the narrative over your 10 photo portfolio?

  1. Pandora’s Box (myth): I’m hoping to shoot a female model as Pandora the first woman created by the Gods in Greek mythology. Pandora was created to be the wife of Epimetheus, after his brother Prometheus gave the gift of fire to man. Pandora was the holder of a box that was said to carry all the world’s evils (illness, violence, hate, envy, etc). The legend says that her curiousity led her to open the box leaving only hope inside. I want to capture my subject carrying around a box, she’s trying her best to protect the box but she’s also very curious about it. She holds it up and looks at it in the sun, she gets distracted for a few moments and the box falls out of her hand. All the evils are released into the world (represented by colored powder), leaving pandora distraught. She’s left only with hope and she seals it back inside the box.

Ring Around the Rosie (Dark nursery rhyme):  i want to do this shoot in black and white, beginning with the focus on white flowers being held by female subject. She walks holding the flowers and a male subject is seen over her shoulder blurred in the background. As he gets closer he’s wearing a mask with a bird’s beak. She begins picking the petals off the flower dropping them on the ground. She seems to be hiding from the masked man, eventually he finds her. Female subject walks off with the masked man, leaving a now dead flower only the stem and the last few petals around it.

Learning Log #7


Today’s class assignment was to photograph food. I brought in fruits and peppermint candies to shoot. Out of all my photos these were my favorite shot with the black background. Seeing them together now i realize they go together as a series.  The thing i love the most about these shots is the dark and eerie fall vibe i get from them. Food photography is my new favorite.

Learning Log #6

Today in class we were learning to shoot indoor light. We were learning the difference between using soft boxes which provide more of a cloudy day quality of light and constant lights which are more straight on. This photo was taken with a constant light from the side of the flowers, i love that the dark background gives it a gloomy feeling but also allows the red to pop.