Photo Exhibition Extra Credit

I recently visited the Museum of the City of New York where I saw the following exhibits: Through a different Lens- Stanley Kubrick Photographs and Interior Lives- Contemporary Photographs of Chinese New Yorkers. In the Chinese New Yorkers exhibit, I got a strong sense of purpose because most the photographers were trying to capture the struggles of Chinese immigrants in America. Some pictures were taken intentionally but there were also some taken off-guard or without the subject’s knowledge. The things that stood out to me the most is how the photographers told stories of Chinese immigrants that lived on top of each other or with complete lack of space or privacy. They left China and the surrounding areas with the intention of sending money back to their families which created distance within them. A lot of photographs were taken outside or by windows with natural light. The picture above was taken from a high angle including light from window. It was also cropped tightly adding to the crowded feeling.

In the Stanley Kubrick Photographs I was able to see how Kubrick was growing and experimenting with different elements. He utilized with night photography, and composed both posed and off guard photographs from interesting perpectives selling his early work to Look magazine. His intention was to capture the behaviors of everyday Americans going about their lives, working and enjoying pastimes like boxing.

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