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Learning Log # 2

I love the lighting in this photo, the shadows are very light and not very overpowering. The way that Cat is centered makes her the subject of the photo, and takes the importance away from the background. I also notice the depth of field in this photo, the background looks very blurry and shallow which places more emphasis on the forefront.

Photoville HW#2- Catherine Vazquez

I enjoyed my first experience at Photoville. It’s good exposure for photographers. You get to show case your work and have people who are into photography look at and ask questions to the photographer about their work. It’s a learning experience to get to know what’s happening in the photos. 


One of the first photographers I had spoken to decorated her create as if you were inside the home of Middle Eastern poverty-stricken home. She was the first create I walked into so I haven’t taken pictures because I was too shy. She had painted the inside of the create and used items, such as a rug, toys from the country and replicated a living room. There wasn’t much in the create because there wouldn’t have been much in their homes. She also had pictures of some of the people she had talked to during her exploration with descriptions who they are with a little item under their picture of something they gave her.


The other photographer I had talk to was Leon Hendrickx, his series is called “Kings and Queens”. He had posed several drag queens with a male interacting with them in a photo. After taking a closer look I realized the two men in the single photo were the same man. He had photo shopped them together as if they were both there at the same time of the shot. It amazed me how seamlessly they were interacting with each other in the photo.


lol lollollol

Sunday I finally got a chance to attend photoville and it  was amazing. I learned so much and i saw one photographer work who i met in person last year summer. The photographer work was hanged up on the crates ( I believe thats what you call them) as soon as you enter from the front. Wayne Lawrence work is very inspirational he had some of his portraits from “Muslims In America” the photos to me showed a story behind everyone faces through their eyes. I actually follow him on Instagram and if you take a look to see his work is portraits are amazing! ( you may even find a pic of me too)  besides his work I also enjoyed another photographer work A FEMALE photographer! She had the chance to visit Africa and take pictures of mothers giving birth all in black and white. I also had the chance to meet her (yes I was fan girl-ing out) it was the highlight of my night ! The pictures was a bit graphic but so peaceful I loved it.

I honestly cant wait for next year

Photoville – Lourdes Barahona

Photoville is FREE outdoor photo exhibition that takes place in the Brooklyn Bridge Park. This year marks the 7th anniversary of the event – in which over 600 artists and 90 exhibitions were showcased. Apart from the photo exhibition, the event also features free panel talks and hand-on workshops for its visitors.

I found it peculiar (in the best way) to see how the exhibitions were mounted in freight cars. Some artists decided to decorate the inside their own way and even add music to give a better vibe to their work. One thing that I found important to highlight about the event is the diversity it presented and its overall topic of immigration and societies undergoing change. All of the artists in Photoville came from different backgrounds and countries around the world. There were men and women, young and old alike, and it was a beautiful thing to see all the different stories told through their lens.

One of the photos that has been stuck with me for a while is this one taken by John Moore from Getty Images. The picture shows a Honduran toddler crying as her mother is searched and detained near the US and Mexico border. Ever since Moore released this picture it has been used in many newspapers and magazines — including the cover of TIME magazine. I am Honduran and also an immigrant, so I am flooded by sadness thinking about the struggle many go through to reach this country because I KNOW why they migrate. I have experienced it myself. The image successfully depicts the pain and uncertainty kids specially go through during these situation as they’re being separated from their parents and how cruel this journey can be.


Overall Photoville was an encounter with many emotions – as I found myself through many of the stories told by those pictures. Civil war, immigration, femininity, coming of age, among others. It was a wonderful experience that I will surely follow through the years to come.


Homework #2 Photoville – Irvin Cortes

Photoville is a pretty dope experience, I like where the location is being placed and how they used shipping containers as an exhibit. I was surprised like wow, you don’t see that much well I don’t know if they are events are like that. But honestly, this is the first time seeing something like this.

I’m writing while seeing the exhibit booth. I think I enter the back of the Photoville since I saw a number 45 on one of the exhibits. When  I took a couple of steps and I saw this broken mirror, it’s not really a broken mirror but it was a big shatter hole and it grabs attention because there was a reflection. While I was reading the summary, Internal Ballistics, it mentions the beauty of morally fraught objects: bullets. I’m like “Woah! Bullets?” And it also mentions what we know and the culture of guns and understanding of guns. One of the photos in the back grab my attention a lot because how it shows the damage of the broken glass and not just the glass but the contrast is what I like.

One of the booths has this surreal photograph and it shows a human arm where blood coming out on their wrist but the blood is dripping but forming a rose. I love surrealistic art, this is what I call surreal art and I read a mini background about the photo and it touches me and I’m like ouch I felt that. This gives a feel and being able to understand the story and putting yourself in that position.

What I like about Photoville is how organized it is. The booth in numbers, the description of it, also how there’s a brief section of the work and a mini bio about the photographer.  

PhotoVille HW#2

My experience with Photoville took me to many emotions since every gallery was different in their own unique way. Some showed a documentary some shown objects that we could interact with, and of course, many photos were shown with much different media as well. I mostly liked how strongly the photographers were able to tell their message to the viewers with only one freight container for each exhibit.

I know I couldn’t get a photo for one of the exhibit, but there was one which was showcasing the photography work from the High School I went to. Including the same high school, my older sister went to.  It was High School of Art & Design and High School of Fashion Industries which had an exhibit together. Honestly, it gave me a sense of nostalgia for me since I and sister would be filled with such an amazing time in our high school years. It was a good feeling having to know that both high schools are still doing an excellent work on the art majors they have.

Another exhibit I found very interesting was The Wall Exhibit by Griselda San Martin.  This exhibit has gotten me to know more about the border wall that was built for the separation of Mexico and the United States of America. This has brought me tears of both happiness and sadness especially since my family is from Mexico and I have been told many stories of the struggles of crossing the border and how it was there only hope in order to have a better life. However in what Griselda san Martin had done which a project where she wanted to build an experience where people can interact with each other and try to neutralize everyone. It was warming feeling when there where photos were taken of people talking to each other through the wall. The only sad feeling it has brought me was the feeling of separation of hopes and dreams and family connections which will always be the main problem that the wall has caused.

Homework # 2 (Photoville)

Photoville was definitely an interesting experience. First of all, the location and set up is beautiful. I love the idea of going into each of these separate trailers and entering a new, immersive photo exhibit. Something that I was very fond of was the representation of people of color. Museums and exhibits have always lacked content from artists of color. But Photoville felt very new and refreshing, in this aspect.

Something that I also looked forward to was the “Altar” exhibit. As someone of Puerto Rican descent, its pretty dope to see something that is very prevalent in my culture celebrated through photos. The photos celebrated what I assumed was Yoruba religion, and even had an altar set up. I liked the idea of immersing people in this sacred space, something that lots of people have never experienced.

I also loved the photos of life in NYC. They definitely captured the essence of this city.

As of lately, I’ve been super into tintype photos. So I was very excited when I saw that they were offering tintype portraits at Photoville. But it was $85 for a 4 x 5 portrait, so I decided to pass. Maybe next time though!

These are two of my favorite photos from Photoville:

I love the first one because of the mood it invokes. The contrast of the cool and warm tones, and the shadows in all the right places. It’s just a beautiful photo, of a couple in a powerful embrace.

The second photo was definitely my favorite. I love the use of lights and darks. It contrasts greatly, just like the subject matter. The photo has a sensual feel to it, which contrasts with the religious subject matter in the forefront.

Axel Mendoza Photoville HW#2

Photoville was an experience like no other, something a bit different for the public to attend. Located in Brooklyn Bridge Park in Dumbo, right beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Dumbo is transformed into an annual photo festival, showcasing hundreds of amazing photographers. They used shipping containers to display every photographers work. Some of the containers were theme decorated, including music from around the world. This was my first time attending this exhibition, even though I only went there for a few hours it was an incredible experience. So many containers to visit, which I didn’t finish checking them all out under two hours, would have liked to know about it years back. This is their seventh consecutive year presenting numerous photographers with different styles. Each of them showing a meaning and theme through their photos. I’ll definitely won’t miss it next year, they had a beer garden and food vendors which I had no idea about.

These photos captured my eyes due to the color pattern. Both pictures have bright and bold colors that are hard to miss. One contains circles, while the other has stripe patterns. Photo one shows two types of color circle patterns. one been a blue dress with white circles laying down on a pattern floor with multiple color circles. The second photo, can be easy spotted by RGB colors. Perhaps the clothing they wear are costumes for a traditional dance ritual.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Iyat Abdelfattah Photoville hw2


Photoville was such a great time and experience. I took my sister along with me and she also enjoyed it. Entering the area I was shocked to see that they turned trailers in to little photo exhibits. The Azraq film school trailer really caught my attention. Since i am middle eastern myself it was nice to see photos that depicted my culture and life for some people right now that most don’t see everyday. Entering the trailer is like entering someones home and you got the feeling of how people lived in different parts of the world.  The first image caught my attention its a photo that they made that its like your looking out the window. The image was an eye opener because its not like your looking at something that would make you happy every morning. It was a home that looked like it was bombed. It shows the rubble and after math of the horrible event.

The second image felt a little homie to me. The grandmother …which i like to believe she is for the fact that she has these arabic/middle-eastern cookies in this plate that is a traditional cookie made on holidays or special occasions. Its something you will always remember your grandmother making.  Even though her living conditions are not a good one she still is thankful and i like to believe happy enough to make a celebratory cookie to probably show good middle-eastern hospitality.

The last image is painting and it was a great representation of people wanting freedom. The person depicted a young person looking through a whole or maybe made it to see anther side of life. Showing who’s really being affected by war.

Iyat Abdelfattah



Photoville is New York City’s free premier photo destination. The festival is a venue built from re purposed shipping containers. Photoville gives you an opportunity to engage with a diverse audience. It’s located at Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO. Its like a photography village with over 65 shipping containers turned into into galleries. Photoville is open to the public all ages and dogs as well making it unlike any other photo festival in the world.

The exhibit that really caught my attention was called “Battles Won”. Presented by the U.S. Marine Corps.

Photo 1: Marines Battle Against The Unknown

Photo: SSgt Dengrier Baez

Location: Jordan. Date: April 21, 2018

The first thing that caught my eye was the green smoke coming towards their direction. The way the photo was taken in motion and the perspective it is in.


Photo 2: Marines Battle Against Obstacles

Photo: LCpl Ginnie Lee

Location: Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Date: January 11, 2018

The Marines are in a Assaultman Course detonate a timber charge during a demolition and explosive training exercise.  As well as for this picture, the explosion takes up a lot of the background giving it a contrast of different colors from the fire which makes the image so powerful.

Photo 3: Marines Battle Against Lawlessness

Photo: GySgt Robert Brown

Location: Gulf of Aden. Date: December 17, 2016

U.S. Marines with Maritime Raid Force, on an inflatable boat to conduct a visit, board, search and seizure mission. I love how the Marines are the main focus in this picture. The colors from the water and the sunset in the background give it a dramatic effect.