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Learning Log 12

I did Harper’s Bazaar because of her smiling and the glasses I loved how the logo looked in the front to give it some color, I wrote beauty and style looks as a headline based off of the photo. I love the lighting of the picture and how it focuses on the subject.


Final Story Ideas

I was debating which story I wanted to go for but I will be doing Little Red Riding hood, for this, I will have a guy who has a wolf mask on and dressed in a suit I will also have the model in a little red riding hood costume with many props within a park. I will have images of the model up close walking in the park, I will also capture the guy as well behind trees hiding and I will have two shots of them together, I plan on executing this idea within this week whenever I receive the wolf mask.

Learning Log 9

This is the 3 point hair lighting I loved this one because of the lighting being centered and her facial expression.

This is the 3 point lighting edge light I loved this one because of the lighting being in certain areas to make the picture look more powerful.

Learning Log #7


Today we did food photography in class and these are m favorite images I took. The first one with the strawberries I loved the lighting and what made me love this more is the reflection within the image and how sharp it is. The second image with the cupcakes I loved because I like how the focus blurs from each row of the cupcakes.

Learning Log #6

This is my favorite picture because I used two flowers one that is very dominant in color and the other is more calm in color. I like this because of me focusing on the main flower and showing a blur behind it as if it’s telling a story and the lighting is great because it isn’t too harsh and the captures what is happening behind the dominant flower.



Learning Log 4

Above I took this picture and I love this one because of the dramatic effects it had to it from the shadow on one side, and then you get the light from the flash on the other side. This picture looks like it’s telling a story with hardly any edits.